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i used to write a lot, now i kind of write sometimes so i suggest looking past my last few pieces
for any of you that identify as bisexual. 
(I also would love to talk with any of you that are queer just about being queer in general- but I do have a specific question for all the bisexual folk, I know some of you are out there)

In my experience, members of the gay community have stigmatized bisexuality more than straight people. I mean, it doesn't surprise me when straight people look down upon it, even though most people don't, but it always surprises and disgusts me when gay people do this. Have any of you experienced this?

An ex of mine always gave me shit for it. She would constantly say bullshit like, "How can you be attracted to both sexes? I don't get it. I think you're actually just gay because you're really, really gay." 

One of my best friends (who is gay) said that he doesn't think bisexual men really exist. Our other best friend is a bisexual man. THAT really fucking pissed me off. 

So anyway this has just been on my mind recently and I'm wondering if any of you have encountered this. I'm also interested in your experience as a bisexual human in general. Is there a gender you lean towards? I definitely am more attracted to women, and always have been, but I have had more relationships with men because straight men are way easier to find than gay women. I thought I was a lesbian for a few years because up until I was 16 I wasn't ever really attracted to any men.

A bar in my town just got bought out and rebranded as a gay bar so I'm super psyched for that. Before that, the closest lesbian bar is a city over like 20+ minutes away and the closest gay bar was like ~35 minutes away. I went this weekend and it was great.

idk what I'm rambling about but yeah talk about gay shit with me please
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