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i used to write a lot, now i kind of write sometimes so i suggest looking past my last few pieces
1. i had my first lucid dream.
the beginning of it felt like
every inch of me was nailed
to my bed and i could see and move my eyes
but i could not move or speak.

it was terrifying.

when my consciousness shifted,
i was being propelled down a highway
at fast-forward speed and i immediately
realized i was dreaming and that i could
be anywhere i wanted to.

it was not a thought. it was not even a question
my subconscious wanted to run straight 
to you

there were some difficulties- i had
to travel to another dimension,
and when i got there it was all black
and i was made of dying coals.
i think i went to hell,
i think i died trying
to find my way 
back to you.

2. i had my second lucid dream.
the first was a fluke- instead i 
wanted to go to the future, to go
where i would be happiest 
instead of trying to go back.

it was a beige room with no decoration
and a mattress and big windows with 
endless light- and a naked man. i was startled,
and he was startled, and we both laughed and
he said, you're here for the same reason, i bet
and in that moment i actually believed
that i met the person i would spend
my life with while we were both asleep
dreaming lucid
a wink from destiny
(a side effect of xanax)
i'll let you know if it happens
but probably not.

his name was kyle, or tyler, or whatever
it's all bullshit.

i miss you

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